Globalcoin is not like any coin. Behind it there are a user community and a foundation working in different projects to give it more utility and increase its value.

Among the projects in which we are working, there are the new ATMs which will allow us to trade our coins and also use them as an efficient payment method in businesses such as restaurants, gas stations, stores, etc.

Our most important project is Nexxus, which represents an amazing set of opportunities. Globalcoin users will be able to pay with great discounts when they use their coins, businesses will get new customers, and distributors will get great commissions by supplying new businesses and establishments.

Many new people will also have the opportunity of easily joining our cryptocurrency user community in general and Globalcoin in particular thanks to out Cryptocafes. This is a new concept in which people will be able to share a cup of coffee or a soda in a place in which cryptocurrencies are the focus: information, training, and leisure in the same place.

These are just samples of many initiatives that will increase the coin demand and raise its value. Join us now; This is just the beginning!