Premier Partner

GH MT4 pays a generous percentage on all of our clients' closed transactions to ensure that our partners are constantly rewarded with one of best commission figures in the industry.

Furthermore, we have also created a perfect balance of trading conditions for traders by offering the most profitable terms to our clients. Hence, most of our clients have been with us for many years. No matter what the currency pair, your commission percentage is fixed at 35.3% of spread.

For any clients signed up by our Premier Partner trade using our Classic Account, the commission is based on their trading volumes. This amounts to GBP5 for each GBP1 million of the combined total trading volume of all the clients introduced by every Premier Partner.

Our partners receive an increasing percentage of spread on Level 1 Client transactions and 5% of spread on transactions by Level 2 Clients. You will also find that most of our clients continuously trade with us because they are encouraged by our incentives and advantages that come with our dynamic spreads.

What Are Dynamic Spreads?


Dynamic Spreads are anopen policy mechanism applicable to both trader and broker. Unlike Fixed Spreads, where the client gets the details only after a transaction is completed, Dynamic Spreads enable the client to view the actual terms of a transaction up front. Because of this transparency mechanism, clients trust and stay with GH MT4 in the long run. Furthermore, they have the confidence to introduce more of their clients to trade with us.

FOREX Client Transactions with Fixed Spread Volume
In a 9-month Period


Within a 4-month period, 80% of trades were transacted

These diagrams show how trading volume increased significantly within just a few months when we switched to floating spreads. Many companies that are still using fixed spreads have experienced a steady decline in both client numbers and trading volume by the end of the period. With our floating spreads, FOREX has posted much higher client transaction volumes, while the downturn effect was much less distinct

FOREX Client Transaction Volume In a 12-month Period


Over an 8–month period, 80% of trades were transacted