About Us

GH MT4 is an assemblage of renowned financial traders with substantial experience in both the financial markets and advanced information technology.

After observing a growing demand for the trading of derivatives on the Forex worldwide, such as currency contracts like futures and options on currency futures, we decided to cater for the consumers of this fast emerging market through the set-up of a specialised and dedicated Division as part of our business expansion plans extending into the high volume trades in Europe.

Subsequently, our GH MT4 division was established in the United Kingdom as a universal, full-service brokerage firm for retail and institutional investors worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide both our global clients and partners with accessible, secure and top quality brokerage services through the use of the most advanced technologies and exceptional customer services support round the clock.

Our Promise

GH MT4 is dedicated to playing the role of a reliable partner to aid our clients in growing their businesses as well as increase their profits via professional trading of derivatives. Our team of specialists are trained to be responsive and flexible in order to satisfy the requirements of our corporate and individual clients.

Through our reliable and affordable services, as well as our personal approach to each client's needs, we are able to maintain and improve our relationship with our clients. Our ability to understand and cope with the current market forces is due to our ability to read and understand the market dynamics as well as our ability to keep up with the ever-changing trend with new instruments and top-notch technologies.

Presently, GH MT4 offers its clients and partners a suite of services for business management and effective investment. Offering a team of experienced specialists in the currency and financial markets, we are able to guarantee that our clientshave full access to efficient, precise, professional decision-makers. All of our clients are also able to enjoy the same first-class priority services offered by our seasoned specialists.

Our Core Principles


Honesty-all of our clients are treated with absolute integrity.


Availability-our finance specialists are readily available for consultation on all issues.


Transparency-we operate above the board and conform to all legal requirements.


Dependability-our reputation is our priority, thus we always fulfill our responsibilities to our clients.