Globalcoin Key Features

Fast Transactions

Globalcoin proof of stake system makes the Globalcoin network very fast. Globalcoin the perfect digital currency for merchants and face to face transactions.

Environmentally Sound

The Globalcoin network does not require large-scale, energy intensive mining operations as it is run on the average computers and phones of Globalcoin users all over the world. Globalcoin is one of the more energy-efficient digital currency networks when compared to others due to the usage of the Proof of Stake system.

Low Inflation

Globalcoin was created over a short Proof of Work mining phase using Scrypt. No other new Globalcoin will ever be created other than the 5% paid to staking users of Globalcoin.

Blockchain Security

The Globalcoin network is secured against attacks other digital currencies might face with their usage of large-scale mining operations to secure their networks. The Proof of Stake system provides the perfect way to secure the Globalcoin network and keep it decentralized.

Technical Specification